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At A&B Packing Equipment we product the fastest, gentlest, & accurate fresh packing & processing equipment on earth. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers and we pride ourselves on providing excellent service every time.

Since 1995 A&B has grown from a small family business, discovering solutions to packing its own blueberries; into a large corporation, assisting customers worldwide with their packaging and processing needs, all from right here in the United States.

We remain small enough to know you by name, but large enough to supply you with the latest in custom equipment to meet all your packing & processing needs.

The entire staff at A&B Packing Equipment Inc. is involved with every order, starting with the first phone call. The customer service follows the entire process from the initial concept, floor plan layout; to final completion & shipping.

The service department has trained field techs to provide on-site service for customers. Our parts department is also an important part of our sales team. We provide parts for all the equipment we sell.

A&B Packing Equipment Inc. manufactures complete Fresh Pack & Process Equipment. Our equipment is used for, but not limited to; blueberries, cranberries, mushrooms, grapes, cherries, cherry tomatoes, & grape tomatoes.

The A&B Packing Equipment Inc. maintains contact with existing customers, as well as developing relationships with new customers.

Being available for the customers; listening to concerns & providing free quotes is what sets A&B Packing Equipment Inc. apart from the competitors. A&B Packing Equipment Inc. also schedules appointment to meet customers at their facility to go over specific details.

A&B Packing Equipment Inc. makes every opportunity to network and create publicity. This exposure generates the leads needed to communicate with suppliers, customers & distributors. At A&B Packing Equipment Inc. we strive to stay up to date with the latest cutting edge technology and that allows us the competitive advantage to stay at the top. Our experienced sales staff does a great job showing people who we are and what we can offer them.

We attribute the company's success to each individual here at A&B Packing Equipment, Inc. Everyone brings something to the table, thus helping to make A&B Packing Equipment Inc. the leader in the Fresh Pack & Process manufacturing industry. Whether it is lean manufacturing or innovative technology, it all guides our company into full alignment to provide the customer with equipment that will save them time & money. Our quality control program ensures that each piece of equipment is built to the highest standards and is installed by one of our experienced field techs.

A&B Way quote "Born on the Farm. Raised in Research & Development. Proven in the Packinghouse."


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